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"You'd best find a place to hide. I don't trust the way those guards are eyeballing us."


Brenick Fauleen was born to Caynean nobility; he is the sole successor of House Fauleen in Upper Caynea. He was only 14 years old when he was introduced to the Wisemen's Guild, specifically the Wiseman of Caynea, who declared that he would bring about the fall of his House. Brenick, being a passionate type, swore that he would not disgrace his house, and fled north. He found himself in a small farming community, where he learned to train cattle and horses, and was taught the finer points of the bullwhip. At 18, Brenick met Fortune-Giver, who advised him to form a traveling caravan. Over the next six years, Brenick recruited new members and drivers and formed a traveling troupe that is well known throughout southern Shantania.

During Lynia's journey, Brenick, now 24 years old, introduces himself as "Wagonmaster Bren," the captain of a train of covered wagons that roams Lower Shantania. He is quite secretive about his origins, even among those he trusts the most. Even to Lynia, he is unwilling to speak of the incident that prompted him to leave his House.


Brenick's weapon is a Bullwhip, a Skill-based weapon on the Weapon Triangle. It has a range of 1-2 tiles.

  • At 2 tiles, whip deals extra damage but has less hit%.
  • At 1 tile, whip has extra hit% but cannot critical.


  • Arm Sting: At 1 tile range, Brenick has a chance to strike the enemy's weapon arm, preventing them from attacking next turn.
  • Leg Wrap: At 2 tiles range, Brenick's attack has a chance to knock an enemy down, preventing them from moving next turn.


As Brenick is in charge of the Wagontrain, it's his business to know everything about his people. Some argue he knows too much, and there are many secrets he keeps between people. With Jasmine, Brenick is the only other person who knows of her origins as a disgraced mercenary assassin, a secret that threatens both of them when her contract-holder seemingly becomes aware of where she has gone. Lynia initially tries to keep her royal identity secret from him, but it does not fool him for long, whereas his own identity as a former noble eventually slips when he must explain what he means by "clockwise" - a term that'd only be familiar to a man (formerly) rich enough to own a clock. With Argur, Brenick must explain why a noble lineage is necessarily something to be ashamed of, while Argur blatantly disregards Brenick's own safety in confronting him about it.


When word reached House Fauleen about the brave deeds of their eldest son, Brenick, they allowed him to return to the House, no questions asked. While initially hesitant, Brenick eventually agreed, under the condition that the people in his wagon train be free to visit whenever they wish.