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Let's see how we're going to do this - the problem I always had with Advance Wars wasn't the gameplay, it was that the units were all generic and could be manufactured all the time. So let's take core gameplay from Advance Wars, and put an FE spin on it.


As with Advance Wars, the objective of each map is NOT to rout the enemy forces, but to capture their headquarters. To do so, you have an array of Wars-style units, with a twist: each unit consists of generic soldiers and/or vehicles, but one of them is the Squad Leader, i.e. the actual character, who is always the last to go as the unit takes damage. As in FE Fates, units have personal skills that no other unit gets. Leveling and Veteran status do not persist between maps, as such; instead, leveling a unit to Veteran status grants that unit an upgrade point outside of battle, which can be used to unlock one of a handful of class-specific perks and skills, upgrades to the personal skill, or direct promotion to another class.

While COs are still a thing, CO Powers are handled differently. Traditional style CO Powers are still used by AI opponents and in multiplayer, but the player CO - customized a la FE's Avatars - has a choice between several CO Powers to equip between missions, being unable to change while deployed. Additionally, the player can choose an Advisor prior to deployment, which effectively acts as a second CO specifically for passive skills like weather resistance or fuel economy.

Characters by Class

Names are temporary and for illustrative purposes only.

Commanding Officers

  • The Captain - The player character. His/her CO specialty and personal perk can be switched out at will, as can unit class.
  • Col. Advisor - The tutorial guide, a Nell-like character who serves as The Captain's first Advisor. Their gender is the opposite of the player's.


  • Cpl. Red - Borrowing the Fire Emblem "red knight/green knight" archetype, this red-haired hothead commands a squad of 9 Mechanized infantry. He can't move as far as Cpl. Green, but his refusal to travel light means he almost always has anti-tank weaponry on hand.
  • Cpl. Green - The green-haired counterpart to Red, a realist who sees no real point in forcing his 9 Infantrymen to carry rockets and mortars when it slows them all down. His squad moves quicker than Red's, and they're more efficient at capturing cities and control points, but they're really only combat-effective against other Infantry as a result of only being equipped with basic assault rifles.

Light Vehicles

  • SSgt. Biker - Recruited along with the entirety of his civilian motorcycle club, Biker and his band of rebels traded their hawgs and choppers for military recon bikes. Biker's ability to sniff out trouble from a mile away comes in very handy, but because of the gang's relative inexperience with guns, the bikes can only barely fight infantry units.


  • Cmdr. Medium - A veteran Tank Commander who has been serving since the beginning of the war almost 20 years ago. His Medium Tank platoon effectively serves as the game's Jagen archetype, wiping the floor with all manner of infantry and light vehicles, but being unrewarding to lean on.

This page is pretty unfinished. Weasel plans to get to it eventually. Probably.