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The "Weaselverse" (as it was once known) was Marty Kirra's nickname for my modified Doom universe. The short version: "Doomguy" does not exist. There is still the Union Aerospace Corporation, there is still a base on Phobos where teleportation experiments will literally go to Hell, but that is about it. There are some parallels to Doom 3's story - notably the date it occurs (2145) and some allegations of unethical research.

Projects that canonically take place in Weaselverse

Projects that take place in the non-canon "Some Guy" version

Arms Companies

One constant in the Weaselverse, regardless of whose story it is, is the many arms companies that provide firepower. These have the potential to show up literally anywhere.


Purported to be an acronym, but of what, the company policy is unclear. CORBEX is a very secretive multi-national company whose projects are almost entirely under strict confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, and often involve energy weapons, high explosives, or generally experimental things. Not a single CORBEX product can ever be called "just a gun."

Midgrais Tactical Defense

  • SMG-37/SMG-39

Jenland Arms

Kurdd & Schaumers

  • P50/P51
  • AB-50

Makoto Arms

  • Type 302/304
  • Type 919/919m.0
  • SOBAT 17
  • SOBAT 17.5


  • P92/Sabre


  • Revolver


  • Dakota TT-93
  • Aartsen Slugger
  • Sherazi 9mm
  • Mariani Sulaco 6