Malcolm Casey

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Drill instructor, our requisite military man. Very loud and insulting, in tried-and-tested R. Lee Ermey style. Play style includes lots of powerful, deliberate, slower moves, a la Third Strike's Q. One super-move involves calling for an artillery strike. Can also wield a bazooka as a basic projectile move, but leaves the Gunny open while he reloads it. Outfit consists of a drill-instructor's hat, camo pants, aviator sunglasses and perhaps shirtless. He'll be quite obviously designed after former WWE wrestler and GI Joe character Sgt. Slaughter.


  • Nationality: Red-blooded American, what did you think I would say, maggot?!
  • Occupation: Gunnery Sergeant/Drill instructor, United States Army
  • Age: 40
  • Sex: Male
  • Hair: Crewcut, blonde/white, under a drill instructor's hat
  • Outfit: Basically just like WWE wrestler Sgt. Slaughter: olive-drab pants with suspenders, drill instructor's hat, combat boots, probably shirtless, a pair of aviator shades. Has his chevron tattooed on his shoulders.

Personally responsible for training a whole platoon for Operation Overlord, Casey accepted no mistakes and hammered everything he knew - and even some things he didn't know (LIKE WHAT, DIRTBAG?) - into his men. His best soldier was Private Rickert, the only man to punch him and get away with it (mainly because the punch knocked him out). Casey is convinced that his men only perform while he is present, and will not listen to any other commander in the Army, so he goes to Europe with his squad with the intention of winning the war practically by himself.


  • Any jump can be turned into a Mario-style butt slam that can damage a fallen opponent.
  • Irish Whip that can be comboed into a drop kick.
  • RKO outta nowhere.
  • Swing the bazooka, either low or overhead. (Does more damage if it's loaded.)
  • Load the bazooka. Takes some time, but can be sped along a bit by mashing Weapon.
  • Fire the bazooka. The rocket is slow, but cannot be blocked, punched, or Precise Defended. It can, however, be dodged or jumped over.
  • SUPER: Whips out a radio and calls in a fire mission on his current position; mortar shells cover the screen and can damage both combatants.
  • Taunt: Casey plants his arms on his hips and shouts, "Did your parents have any children that lived?"


Your typical R. Lee Ermey-style drill instructor, with some downright harsh commentary, and the most taunts of any character in the game (culled from sources like Major Payne, Full Metal Jacket, and others).

Fight Introductions

  • Elisa - Elisa initially appears reluctant to approach Casey. Casey takes the girl's hand and makes her punch him in the leg. "You should not have hit me, bastard!" Elisa, panicking, has no choice but to defend herself.

Win Poses

Casey takes no shit.

  • Arms akimbo, Casey leans toward his fallen opponent and lets 'em have it. "Get up, asshole, so I can do that again!"
  • Casey points a finger at his opponent and yells, "I'm not through with you, maggot!"