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Element Null is a proposal of a TV style thriller drama. It follows six different people, some on opposite ends of the globe, as they undergo their own trials and tribulations, unaware that their actions are indirectly affecting each other.


Each character represents a classical element, that is never outright stated, but comes to define their character in some way.

  • Fire - Elliot Heaney, a wealthy industrialist who owns factories worldwide. A headstrong hot head, whose rash business decisions have both made and lost money for his business. A rampant chain-smoker, his impending partnership with a major tech company stands equal chance of redefining the industry as it does getting him involved in an anti-trust suit. (Written for Gary Oldman)
  • Wind - Thomas Masuda, a free runner and an up and coming stunt man in the rising Pacific Northwestern film scene. Though his latest film project was successfully crowd funded, difficulties with staff - and an injury that he has withheld from the rest of the crew - threaten to wreck the whole production. (Written for John Cho)
  • Water - Lain Judah, a marine biologist with a past in environmental protests. While brilliant and serene in nature, her past as part of a controversial protest group may cost her her job, while her career in marine biology is seen as traitorous to her old comrades. (Written for Liv Tyler)
  • Earth - Avery Hutch, a retired doctor turned gardener. He lost a very high profile patient to a routine surgery, and left his hospital. He now grows and custom blends coffee on his orchard property. (Written for Dennis Haysbert)
  • Electricity - Felicia Mueller, an accomplished network technician that works at a data center for the nation's highest trafficked social network (which is coincidentally the tech company Heaney is trying to partner with). Her thought processes are extremely fast but sometimes difficult for others to follow. By sheer luck, she accidentally finds a back door into the servers, and finds a lot more than she bargained for. (Written for Paulie Perrette)
  • Null - "Null," occasionally referred to as The Enlightened, is an amnesiac man who was nursed back to health by a reclusive former priest in the mountains of the American Midwest. Though he has no memory of having gotten there, he correctly deduces the priest's reason for becoming a hermit, then is overcome by what the priest believes is a holy epiphany, leaving him with a memory of the word Null, which he decides is his name. He leaves the mountains to find civilization, discovering he has a wealth of survivalist knowledge, and hears that the priest was found dead by a hiker days after he left. Null feels it's his duty to learn his true nature, with the suspicious nature of the priest (and his subsequent death) being the first clue. (Written for Jim Caviezel)

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