Arthur Westmacott

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This page is pretty unfinished. Weasel plans to get to it eventually. Probably.

Arthur Westmacott is the owner of the apartment building in which Bastion Crowley rents a room. He has an ongoing dispute with an unnamed delivery company over a strange van that remains parked in his personal parking spot outside the building. He occasionally gives Bastion non specific advice on his cases, and is willing to lend a favor in regards to the private eye business on occasion.

Arthur keeps quiet about his past. He once worked for the Pacific Southeast Police, eventually making Detective in the Vice department, before quitting the force in the wake of an unpopular decision regarding a case he was on. Arthur began investigating the case on his own time instead, as rumors flew that he might have been working for the Hasegawa Group. He was eventually found to be investigating without a private license, fined, and issued a restraining order against the members of the Hasegawa Group.

Since being effectively gagged out of the one career he enjoyed, he lives vicariously through Bastion as soon as he learns that the young upstart is pursuing private investigation himself. He remains quiet about his motivations and only lets them slip during Case 5.