Incantation of Tulip

Hi. I'm Tu. Also known as Tulip online. My name actually doesn't come from Tulip, it just sounds nice. And I like flowers. Anyways. I guess I don't have much to say other than I really like programming with Allie. I have other interests as well, like botany, but they aren't very interesting (heh.)

My name, Tu (or Tu Watson,) comes from my initial inability to name myself, and originally called myself The Unaddressable. Pretty silly origin story if you ask me.

I don't mind talking any time. If you want, you can message me on Discord (Tulip#9123) or XMPP ( Just note that I am much more likely to respond on XMPP since I don't always have Discord open.

Also my favorite colors are CGA mode 1.


You can find more information on Alison's page.