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You can also find me at my Discord server, and my IRC server (this domain, port 6667.)

Hi, I’m Marrub, this is my web-space. I host things here, sort of just a hub for crap I do. I’m not anyone important, just a programmer who wishes they were an artist. I know a variety of programming languages and can speak English and Japanese.

Our point of view shows more than ordinary people can see. They see only what is outside, but we see what is inside. That’s what we are - realists with the glasses of dreamers. - Christian A. Kirtchev, A Cyberpunk Manifesto.

I hear, I forget. I see, I remember. I do, I understand. - Source unknown.

My Projects わたしプロジェクトぷろじぇくと

This is a list of all of the projects I've started myself. This does not include projects I worked on but did not start. A list of those is below this table.

Status Description
A Active
D Dead
F Finished
H On hold

Started Released Name Status Shortcode Summary
2013 2015 FSS: Fuck Super Shotguns D Xevv00 A few maps for ZDoom. Sequel to Lithium.
2013 N/A Maj H MajRPG A strange post-apocalyptic game.
2013 N/A vrobot F Vrobot Chat bot for IRC.
2014 2014 DoomCW D DoomCW Customizable weaponry. It sucks.
2014 2014 shotguns F Shotgn shotguns
2014 N/A Brutal Tactics D BTacti Tactical shooter gameplay for ZDoom.
2014 N/A GUN SHOOTER D Gunsht Over-the-top weapon set for Doom.
2014 N/A KillRoom9K D KR9000 A slaughtermap set for ZDoom.
2014 N/A vrobot2 F Vrobo2 Chat bot for IRC.
2015 2015 Barrel Exterminator F BarExt A silly mod which I made in a few hours.
2015 2015 fxt F Fxt Shader test program.
2015 2015 GLOOME D GLOOME Obsoleted game engine.
2015 2015 LoveToken F LvTokn A token parser made for Lua.
2015 2015 YADFUCIMP F YADF ZDoom front-end.
2015 N/A Half-Lua H HLua Half-Life Lua modding.
2015 N/A Project 67 H Xevv01 A Doom clone with a weird story.
2016 2016 UNATCORelay F UNATCO GitHub relay bot for Discord.
2016 2016 vrobot3 F Vrobo3 Chat bot for Discord and IRC.
2016 2017 Lithium H Xevv02 lods of escore
2016 N/A Heavenly Knight H HKnght Faithful MGQ gameplay in ZDoom.
2016 N/A Psychic 2 D Psych2 A mod of Psychic (Xaser’s mod.)
2016 N/A Void 2 D Void2 A noneuclidean map set for ZDoom.
2016 N/A Deceiver H Xevv04 ???
2016 N/A YADFUCIMP2 H YADF2 ZDoom front-end.
2017 2017 vrobot4 F Vrobo4 Chat bot for Discord and IRC.
2017 N/A Doominati Game Engine H DGE A 2D game engine.
2017 N/A Di H Di Programming language and compiler.
2017 N/A LithOS3 D LithOS OS layer for ZDoom ACS.
2017 N/A Omi: Eikyo no Me H Xevv05 Shoot-em-up game.
2018 2018 grope F Grope Simple grAb editor.
2018 2018 ZScript Documentation H ZscDoc Documentation for the ZScript language.
2018 2018 vim-zscript F ZscVim ZScript highlighting for Vim.
2018 N/A Corinth H Crinth Gameboy RPG.
2018 N/A Maraiah A Maraia Marathon editing tools.
2018 N/A Touhou Sensou H THNES Touhou TRPG fangame on the NES.
2018 N/A Basilisk Xorsonim H Xevv03 Tactical sci-fi hunting game.

Here is a list of projects I’ve contributed more than a trivial amount of help to but not started myself. It may not be exhaustive.

Site Map ここでの地図ちず

This server hosts several things, but it is mainly used to serve static data and wikis. I am not stripped for bandwidth, so if you want something hosted here, feel free to drop me a line. Here's a list of (almost) everything hosted here in no particular order.

Xevv Wiki

Where I write stuff sometimes.


Where I write tech stuff sometimes.


A wiki for DavidPH’s Game Data Compiler Collection.

DGE Wiki

A wiki for the Doominati Game Engine.


WildWeasel’s writing wiki.

Doominati QDB

A QDB which originated from the /vr/ IRC chat from 2013 or so.

Local Git / Basilisk 01

Where I host projects. Some of my things are still on GitHub, but they’re also mirrored here.


I host several instances of this bot on this server for various projects.

DoomRL Arsenal and Final Doomer

These mods are hosted on this very server.

Greyserv IRC

An IRC server. Not really used for anything other than testing my bot.


An RSS reader. Closed registration.


An instance of this bot is hosted here.

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