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About ここは

I hear, I forget. I see, I remember. I do, I understand.

Hi, I'm Marrub, this is my web-space. I host things here, sort of just a hub for crap I do. I'm not anyone important, just a programmer who wishes they were an artist. I speak C et al. and know how to program in English and Japanese.

Our point of view shows more than ordinary people can see. They see only what is outside, but we see what is inside. That's what we are - realists with the glasses of dreamers.

My Projects 私のプロジェクト


Basilisk Xorsonim game (wip)


DGE game engine
vrobot4 chat bot
Lithium doom mod


vrobot3 chat bot
Heavenly Knight doom mod (on hold)


Fuck Super Shotguns doom map set
Half-Lua half-life mod (on hold)
GLOOME game engine (obsoleted)


shotguns doom mod
DoomCW doom mod

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