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Lithium is a mod for GZDoom which takes place in the Deceiver Universe in 1649, New Era. The ZDoom Forums thread can be found here.

Summary of Events

Lithium begins with one of three stories, told from one of three perspectives. Each of these begins with a character being sent on a mission to seal the portal to Hell which had suddenly appeared a few days prior.

The three potential beginnings are:

  • Marine's story, where Stan Blazkowicz destroys the portal to Hell.
  • Cyber-Mage's story, where Jeremy Stilko destroys the portal to Hell.
  • Informant's story, where Fulk 5 destroys the portal to Hell.

Destroying the portal to Hell eventually causes Ragnarök to occur, which in turn triggers the revival of The Archangel, who then pushes The L-Value, causing a time loop to occur around 30 years after the portal is destroyed, re-starting the events.

Somewhere within this time loop, due to The L-Value being moved too many times, causality shifts and Omisielle Faulzaje becomes involved in the Hell incident. After the portal is destroyed, Omi is left alone in Hell and stops Ragnarök herself. She is playable both as herself (Assassin) and as her alter-ego, Aricil Deyan'za (Dark Lord.)

The strange and sudden change of fate causes an imbalance in the God Thoth's mind, of which they react to by giving Kirika form again as Kirihito Kosatohara, known simply as Thoth in the mod's class selection screen. Thoth intervenes, defeats Omisielle (now corrupted by Hell's influence,) and sends Lucas Sánchez to seal Hell from the inside to prevent any further harm to the dimension of time.