About ここは

Hi, I'm Marrub. I'm a programmer and an artist. I can write in a lot of programming languages and can speak English and Japanese.

Ko-fi . itch.io . Mastodon . Twitter . Tumblr . GitHub . Gitea . Twitch.tv . Steam . Discord Server . Discord: Marrub#5455 . XMPP: marrub@greyserv.net . Telegram: @marrub . Switch FC: SW-7179-1429-0696 . 3DS FC: 0448-1533-3924 . ACPC FC: 3155-3015-665

My Projects わたしプロジェクトぷろじぇくと

These are all of the projects I've started myself. This does not have projects I only helped in making. Those are below this table. For a summary hover over the title.

Status Description
Active Currently developed.
Dead Dropped completely. No further development will be done.
Finished Development is completed and nothing further is necessary.
Hold Development is halted temporarily.
Re-do Dropped, but development will be restarted at some point.

Status Started Released Name ID
Active 2016 2017 Lithium Xevv02
Active 2017 N/A Basilisk Xorsonim Xevv03
Active 2018 N/A Maraiah Maraia
Active 2019 2019 Scripts Script
Dead 2014 2014 DoomCW DoomCW
Dead 2014 N/A GUN SHOOTER Gunsht
Dead 2014 N/A KillRoom9K KR9000
Dead 2015 2015 GLOOME GLOOME
Dead 2017 N/A Di Di
Dead 2017 N/A LithOS3 LithOS
Finished 2013 N/A vrobot Vrobot
Finished 2014 2014 shotguns Shotgn
Finished 2014 N/A vrobot2 Vrobo2
Finished 2015 2015 Barrel Exterminator BarExt
Finished 2015 2015 fxt Fxt
Finished 2015 2015 LoveToken LvTokn
Finished 2015 2015 YADFUCIMP YADF
Finished 2016 2016 UNATCORelay UNATCO
Finished 2016 2016 vrobot3 Vrobo3
Finished 2017 2017 vrobot4 Vrobo4
Finished 2018 2018 grope Grope
Finished 2018 2018 vim-zscript ZscVim
Finished 2019 2019 vim-asm_ca65_p816 CA65Vi
Finished 2019 2019 HellCore 2.1 HC21
Finished 2019 2019 Quake E1M1 Light Test QE1M1L
Finished 2019 2019 vim-qt-cpp QtVim
Hold 2015 N/A Project 67 Xevv01
Hold 2016 N/A Heavenly Knight HKnght
Hold 2017 N/A Doominati Game Engine DGE
Hold 2017 N/A Omi: Eikyo no Me Xevv05
Hold 2018 2018 ZScript Documentation ZscDoc
Hold 2019 2019 Quake Super Co-Op QSC
Hold 2019 N/A PGFDP Doc
Hold 2019 N/A SNESTool SNESTl
Hold 2019 N/A snipt glitch Snipt
Hold 2019 N/A spingle sping
Re-do 2013 2015 Fuck Super Shotguns Xevv00
Re-do 2013 N/A Maj MajRPG
Re-do 2014 N/A Brutal Tactics BTacti
Re-do 2015 N/A Half-Lua HLua
Re-do 2016 N/A Psychic 2 Psych2
Re-do 2016 N/A Void 2 Void2
Re-do 2016 N/A Deceiver Xevv04
Re-do 2018 N/A Corinth Crinth
Re-do 2018 N/A Touhou Sensou THNES

These are some of the projects I've helped make but not started myself. It might not be all of them.

Site Map ここでの地図ちず

This place has static data, wikis, and many other things. I still have lots of bandwidth that I can use, so feel free to drop me a line if you want me to host something for you. Below is almost everything that is here.

Xevv Wiki

Where I write stuff sometimes.


WildWeasel's writing wiki.

Local Git / Basilisk 01

Where I put all of my projects. My projects on GitHub are also here. Running Gitea.

DoomRL Arsenal . Final Doomer

These mods are hosted on this server.

Mastodon / Basilisk 03

Private instance.

Matrix Synapse / Basilisk 02

Actively hosted, but not used.

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the above banner is probably not owned by me.

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