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Hi, I'm Marrub. I'm an artist and a programmer. Professionally, I've worked at Nightdive Studios. I helped in the development of Quake's remaster, as well as some other projects I don't have the liberty of talking about.

Here are some of the projects I've started myself that are important to me in some way.

Name Description Status
TRANSCEIVER:EMPATH Odd role playing/exploration game. Active development. Unreleased.
BLONKUS A game engine. Active development. Unreleased.
Lithium An RPG-lite GZDoom mod. Paused development. Released.
ZScript Documentation Documentation for the ZScript language. Inactive. Released.
Layerizer Layered font generator. Finished.
Fuck Super Shotguns A few maps for ZDoom. Unfinished. Released.
GLOOME Obsolete game engine. Finished.
shotguns shotguns Finished.

These are some of the projects I've helped make but not started myself.

ARKS-Layer’s Phantasy Star: Nova English translation . DavidPH’s Game Data Compiler Collection . Eternity Engine . Kyle873’s Doom RPG . Yholl’s Doom the Rogue-Like: Arsenal . Yholl and Sgt. Shivers’ Final Doomer . ZDoom and its successor GZDoom

This site also hosts WildWeasel's writing wiki.

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